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  Everything needed to organise a sustainable frisbee tournament
This charter was created by some players from France, because after a two days tournament, they realised that there was too much rubbish. At the tournament, the waste of 300 players filled a whole garbage truck! The year after the organisation decided to offer each player eating utensils. Instead of using single-use plastic for each meal, the players used their utensils. This one change reduced the amount of rubbish by 75%. In years to come, the organisation wants to do more to make Frisbee tournaments more sustainable , that is why we created this charter.
The aim of this charter is to set simple guidelines, that the organisation and players are committed to following to help achieve their objectives (one can’t go without the other one). These simple steps respect the environment and help us to be sustainable.

The principle: the organisation is committed to achieving the objectives of the charter in conjunction with the efforts of the players to provide environmentally-friendly tournaments.