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  Everything needed to organise a sustainable frisbee tournament
Environmental objectives Organiser objectives Player objectives Effects Examples

Make sure all waste goes in a rubbish bin

Make rubbish bins available all over the site as well, as ashtrays

Clean-up your field after every game
Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground

Keeps the fields clean
Avoids long lasting and uncontrolled decomposition

It takes one to two years for a cigarette butt to decompose, leaving toxic waste in nature

Effective disposal of waste through recycling

Set recycling spots on site in various places (with differents colour bags for glass, plastic, paper/cardboard) with relevant signs to help players (*)

Throw your waste in the correct rubbish bin

Recycling of waste reduces the use of natural resources (water, raw material) and saves energy

670 cans can make a recycled aluminium bike
Each tonne of recycled plastic saves between 700 and 800 kg of oil
Glass can be recycled infinitely

Reduce the use of single-use plastics

Tell the players to bring own utensils
Set a washing-up point
Have reusable glasses available
Have some picnic kits available

Bring and use your own utensils (plate, knife, fork, spoon and glass)

Reduces waste by up to 75% Reduced plastic use saves water, oil, etc
Reduce carbon emissions from travelling

Use fewer cars
Promote carpool
Promote public transport options

Use carpool
Use public transport

Reduces greehouse gas emissions Oil consumption generates 35% of CO2 emissions
Reduce the use of plastic bottles

Tell the players to bring a bottle
Make water tubs available on the fields
Don't offer bottles of water

Bring your own drink bottle

Reduces waste and pollution  
Awareness of the environnement

Organise exhibitions or games related to environnement awareness

Take part in the games

Public awareness  
Promote local food in order to avoid transport

Buy local food according to the season

Promote local food

Reduces greenhouse gas and supports the local community  
Control water consumption

Set dry-pit toilets

Promote these types of toilets


Reduces water use and produces compost  
(*) Caution : the sorting has to match with local recycling centre